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What is liftbuddies?

Liftbuddies is a listing website specializing in transport sharing and other transportation needs, we connect individuals, businesses and public transport all in one simple to use website. Our goals are to transform the way transport is being used and to reduce carbon emissions on a noticeable scale. Millions of people drive to work or other various locations on a daily basis without knowing that there is opportunity to form a lift club. By forming a lift club it means fewer vehicles drive to the same location, less carbon emissions are emitted and as a bonus you end up saving a lot of money on fuel and other related expenses. Furthermore companies collect and deliver goods continuously and by listing these routes on our website can enable them to share transport with each other ensuring maximum value for each trip. No more one way deliveries, companies can deliver then collect a fresh load for each return trip resulting in fewer vehicles required to collect and deliver; companies can share the cost between themselves for each joined delivery or collection. By following this method companies can assist each other in reducing their carbon footprint significantly and at the same time reduce their expenses on transportation costs.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

The term “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of carbon (C02) we emit individually in any one-year period. C02 is produced from many sources and is the primary gas responsible for Global warming and the resulting alarming changes in our climate.

South Africa is looking to introduce Carbon Tax in 2016 

Announced by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his budget speech in February, the tax, due to be implemented countrywide in 2016, is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. The objective of this form of taxation is to support South Africa’s commitment of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 34% by 2020 and 42% by 2025 against a business as usual curve.

What is a carbon tax?

A carbon tax simply penalizes companies and individuals that emit more carbon.  Emissions can occur from various sources although the most common being transportation and electricity usage. Government has proposed a carbon tax of R120 per tonne of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) on scope 1 emissions.  The tax will come into effect 2016, and increase by 10% a year until 2020.  The carbon tax will be designed to create incentives for companies, businesses and individuals to change their behaviors and consumption patterns to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

How can Liftbuddies benefit individuals and companies?

The carbon tax is designed to penalize businesses and individuals for their emissions, but also to reward them for reducing their carbon emissions. By using liftbuddies you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by simple getting in to the habit of sharing transport. Once registered on liftbuddies you can share or find transport to match your needs. Sharing transport not only means you reduce your carbon foot print but you also save on transport costs.

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