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Cost To You

Membership – For security reasons you need to register and become a member to use our website, becoming a member is FREE of Charge!

Posting ads – You can post unlimited ads with a cost to each of R 0.00 for a 30 day ad( FREE ),  R 10.00 for a 90 day ad, if you choose to promote your ad as featured you will be charged in addition to these prices((Featured ads get maximum exposure and is a great option to receive quick results, can be purchased when posting an ad, see “Featured ads” below for more details). Also available for purchase is special membership packs, these packs influence the cost to you when posting ads as featured and can be a benefit if you are looking to maximize the exposure of multiple ads on a regular basis.(Pay once off for a set period of time where you can post all your ads as featured free of charge) Please note all price is subject to change for more information read our terms and conditions.

Cost sharing –  liftbuddies is not a party to any cost sharing arrangements or other transaction between users of this site. Any agreement made between yourself and fellow liftbuddies user is a private matter between yourselves



Coupons will be available from time to time and can be used for discounts when posting featured ads. Just enter the valid coupon number when posting your featured ad and the system will automatically calculate your discount and subtract it from the total amount due.


Profile Picture/Logo

When registering on liftbuddies.co.za you can load a profile picture or your company logo, the image you load will appear on each of the ads you place and will be visible to other users when viewing your profile. this can improve the chances of receiving feedback on you ads due to it being more visibly pleasing to other users. You can change this image when editing your profile from your dashboard.



We offer the following categories to post or search for ads,

General Public: This category is for the general commuters traveling to work or just simply needing a lift from point A to B.

Public Transport: This category offers you the option to find a public transport service to satisfy your transportation needs. If you provide public transport you can also advertise your services here.


Posting a Lift

It is Important that you enter the title of the lift you are advertising in the correct manner, users will be searching for this information when trying to find the perfect match for their transportation need. For example if you want to offer a lift from Boksburg to Pretoria enter this information as the title of your ad(Boksburg to Pretoria).

Also add as much information as possible regarding the lift, users choose a lift on more than just the destinations. For example fill out as much as possible in the fields on the form when posting your lift: type of transport, smoking,  available on weekends etc

Having you route show on the map when users view your ad: Make sure you enter your starting and ending destinations in the correct manner, for example if you offer a lift from boksburg to Heidelberg then enter the following: (Boksburg, Gauteng) and (Heidelberg, Gauteng). This insures that the correct locations is always shown on the map and not a similar destination in an different part of the world. You can also add a stop point to your route in the same manner.


Can’t Find A Lift ?

If you can’t find Transport then request it. After doing a Search click on either cant find or no results , you will be redirected to the post ad page. When filling out the main details,  in the title field add a (?) at the end of your text for example (Boksburg to Pretoria? )  fill out the rest of the required details and make sure to select  “Requesting Transport” in the  Lift Properties field. This will let users know you need Transport from and to the specified locations.



You can use your dashboard to view and manage all the ads you have listed on liftbuddies.co.za. Also edit your profile from here.


Rate Users

You can rate other users based on how you experienced their services. Just click on Rate Users from the menu, search for the user you want to rate, view their profile and click on “Rate User” then click on the amount of stars you wish to give them.


Featured Ads

When Posting a new ad you can choose one of the 3 featured ad options available to promote your ad, select one and your ad will be showcased as featured. It will be displayed in the related featured slider on the Home page and will also be included in the featured section above the normal listings in the related category. This is a great option to get maximum exposure for your ad!

Membership Packs

You can buy a special membership pack by first registering as a free member, when registered simply click on “Special Memberships” in the main menu. From here you can access the special membership packs available for purchase. Each membership pack is unique and has its own benefits, read the description of each pack available before making a purchase. Please note that you can only have one active membership pack at a time, if you choose to buy a different membership pack  your current active pack will expire. No refunds will be issued in the case of unwanted and/or accidentally replaced membership packs purchased.


 Payment Options

We Accept:  

                         Credit Card

                          Bit Coin

                          Bank Transfer


When making a payment on liftbuddies.co.za you will have two main options to choose from:

Bank Transfer – If you choose this option you will be redirected to a page with instructions for you to make a standard payment into the requested bank account. Once you completed the instructions and  payment has been made,allow 24 Hours for the payment to be processed.

PayFast- If you choose this option you will be redirected to the payfast payment page, from here you will have the option to make payment via Credit Card, Bit Coin,  Internet Banking or Ukash. With PayFast, buyers can make secure and instant online payments. For more information click here!


Contacting The Author Of An Ad

When viewing an ad you have the option to contact the author via an email sent from liftbuddies informing them that you are interested in their ad. This will provide them with your contract details and the short text you filled out when sending the email. To access this feature view an ad and select the the “contact” tab above the map in the side bar, fill out the required information and click on “send inquiry”



You can comment on ads and let other users know what your experience was. Make sure to always read some of the comments when viewing an ad it can help in making a choice whether to contact the advertiser or not. Please do not post false information in the comments, this can lead to your membership being discontinued.



Join the discussion on our blog, share your personal feelings, opinions and suggestions with us and other users. Select “Blog” from the main menu and start blogging!


Need Some Extra Cash?

You can start your own small transportation service, just by choosing a popular destination near you and advertising  your transport to and from that location on liftbuddies.co.za could help you get some extra cash in your pocket.


Question Mark Sign

Whenever you see a Q. you can hover over the  sign with you mouse pointer and a small block will pop up with additional information.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

To download a Carbon footprint calculator Click Here! Please note this is merely a link to an external website, we are not associated with this software.


Terms and Conditions

For our terms and conditions Click Here!


Suggestions And Other Queries

Please click here to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service to you or if you have any queries.

Thank you – The LiftBuddies Team


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