About Liftbuddies

LiftBuddies is inspired by the threat ‘pollution’ hold to our beautiful planet earth!! As a world, a nation an individual we all have a responsibility to preserve our home for generations to come. Pollution is part of our daily lives and we all contribute to it in some form or way, this is a major problem that affects us all. Lift Buddies would like to make a difference by providing a means for everyone that’s willing to contribute in a positive way towards pollution. Like all things in life when handled together it eases the process, human’s have a great ability to work as one and by coming together we can make a difference in what happens tomorrow.

LiftBuddies is helping you to make a difference in not only your own life but also of those around you. By just sharing our daily transportation needs can help us all reap the benefits of less vehicles on the road, meaning less pollution, less traffic and on a financial note some extra cash for money saved on fuel expenses!

Let’s all stand together and make the positive difference that’s needed!!

Register today,share transport and in a small way you can make a big difference for a cleaner tomorrow!!!!


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